Front-Trends Conference

26-27 April 2012 Warsaw, Poland


We're starting from the very morning. Bring your ticket and ID to confirm your identity. Schedule will be updated when the line-up is completed.

  1. 26 April 27 April
    Sponsored by Nodejitsu

    Tasty Breakfast

    Sponsored by Adobe
  2. Alex Russell

    Web: Platform or Pile 'O Hacks?

    Alex Russell
    Krzysztof Szafranek

    Refactoring JavaScript – Big Bang Theory?

    Krzysztof Szafranek
  3. Vitaly Friedman

    Responsive Redesign: Smashing Magazine's Case-Study

    Vitaly Friedman
    Tali Garsiel

    How browsers work internally

    Tali Garsiel
  4. Nodejitsu break

  5. Chris Coyier

    What We Don't Know

    Chris Coyier
    Olov Lassus

    JavaScript: the subsets we use

    Olov Lassus
  6. David Desandro

    Mobile Safari: Bring your machete

    David Desandro
    Rachel Andrew

    Pushing the boundaries without breaking the web

    Rachel Andrew
  7. Coffee break

  8. Rebecca Murphey

    Patterns for organizing non-trivial JavaScript applications

    Rebecca Murphey
    Mathias Bynens

    10 things I didn’t know about HTML

    Mathias Bynens
  9. Harry Roberts

    Breaking Good Habits

    Harry Roberts
    Divya Manian

    Designing in the browser

    Divya Manian
  10. Lunch time

  11. Coffee break

  12. Jina Bolton

    Style Guide-driven UI Design with Sass

    Jina Bolton
  13. Julien Gachadoat

    Mind the gap

    Julien Gachadoat
    Tiffany Conroy

    Design Processes, Not Interfaces

    Tiffany Conroy
  14. Coffee break

  15. Kyle Simpson

    HTML5 JavaScript On Crack

    Kyle Simpson
    Hannah Donovan

    Learning to teach

    Bartosz Szopka
  16. Lea Verou

    CSS in the 4th Dimension: Not your daddy’s CSS animations

    Lea Verou
    John Schulz

    When to Node?

    John Schulz
  17. Coffee break End of day
  18. Quick break
  19. End of day

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